Cinco de Mayo Hindu Goddess

Cinco de Mayo Hindu Goddess

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Lakshmi (LOCK-shmee) is a well-known and beloved Hindu goddess usually equated with wealth. Although most people may believe this only refers only to material wealth, her nature is far-reaching, and includes the deeper idea of spiritual riches. Lakshmi is also the goddess of Vidya, which means "feminine wisdom," and she is always associated with the lotus. Her name comes from the Sanskrit word laksya, meaning "aim" or "goal," and the deeper meaning suggests the ultimate point we strive for in life. 

As the consort of Vishnu, and his Shakti, or power, she is Mother of the Universe. Her title Shri connotes the feminine energy of divinity. Lakshmi is honored each year at a major festival called Diswali, celebrated at the time of the rice harvest. It is believed the Lakshmi visits only houses that are clean, and where the people are hardworking, so special effort is made to welcome her. 


What is the aim of my life, and how am I directing my energies?



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